Awards: 2013 Franklin Buchanan Award, Association for Asian Studies, 2013.  Established in 1995 by the Association for Asian Studies, the Committee on Educational Issues and Policies (CEIP), and the Committee on Teaching about Asia (CTA), the Franklin Buchanan Prize is awarded annually to honor an outstanding curriculum publication on Asia at any educational level, elementary through university.

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2013 Franklin Buchanan Prize


Voices of Early Modern Japan: Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life during the Age of the Shoguns (Voices of an Era: ABC Clio/Greenwood Press and Westview Press, 2012).

Voices of Early Modern Japan enhances the teaching of high school and college courses on Japan and Asia by providing a view of the lived world of the seventeenth to early nineteenth centuries in Japan through unusual and little-known documents—from Samurai dress and grooming standards to weapons control in Edo Japan. The readings are expertly chosen, drawn from a wide range while providing a welcome focus on social history. The text provides thorough, historiographically up-to-date introductions and discussions, so that the student learns about the implications and consequences of the historical materials. The volume is organized into discreet units that guide the student through the readings, eliciting debate and stimulating reflection and further research.

Voices is a work of solid scholarship that will intrigue students, provide them with deepened understanding of a significant period and place, and invite them to expand their study of the region. It is a substantial contribution to the high-quality curriculum materials available to high schools and colleges.

Selection Committee: Paula Roberts (Chair), Bruce Acker, Gwen Johnson, Jennifer Murawski, Lesley Solomon.


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